Monday, 15 October 2012

OCTOBER15: The Start of the Mahikeng Siege #africanstudies

Once known as a “living museum’ portraying traditional African Villages and Culture

Credo Mutwa's Cultural Village
The larger cemetery of the MemorialBurial site of casualties of the Mahikeng Siege, is at the entrance to Credo Mutwa's Cultural Village,at Lotlamoreng Dam - a living museum portraying traditional African villages and cultures.
Credo Mutwa 
This place was a devine haven for Artists who used to work from here and many traditional artworks and sculptures were prepared here for tourists from Lotlamoreng Dam. Credo Mutwa, who has since moved in the 90s, is an artist, sculptor, author and prophet of international renown. Many of his prophecies regarding events in South Africa have proved to be uncannily accurate.
The inside of a recreational area@Credo MutwaVillage in Mahikeng South Africa
The 15 October 1899 Mahikeng Siege

These pictures were taken in 2009 and the place has since been neglected even though at some point was under the care of the North West Parks & Tourism Board. Lotlamoreng as a heritage site has been given back to the Tribal Authority the Barolong-Ba-Ratshidi who are the original custodians of this landmark, PAYT hopes to add value towards the restoration of Lotlamoreng in honor of the people of the Barolong and their Ancestors.#African Studies. As today marks the start to the Mahikeng Siege which has happened more than once in this historic town of Mahikeng. There are alot of disputes as to which dates marks the beginning ,lets just say like any other incident in life..always depends on who's telling the Story...

Mahikeng is the Capital City of the North West Province in South Africa and is known as the gateway to Africa, as it played a role for the political landscape of South Africa and Botswana. It has served as Capital City to three separate Countries under three different unique circumstances...follow our discovery and revelations of Mahikeng "a place amongst rocks' in direct translation from its Setswana meaning.

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