Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hip Hop is On Trial

Most of us can mistake hip hop for an urban culture without a cause or a lost cause for that matter, as we digg deeper we can come to appreciate the complexity and power behind this cultural maschine tagged #HipHop. In a recent Intelligence Squared debate topic 'Hip hop is on trial", a panel of experts are convened to tackle the question "Does hip hop uplift  or degrade our society??

A fair question which from the onset probes our understanding of the hip hop culture and the references in contextualizing an approach to this debate. The IQ2 debate was nothing new in depsyphering the misconceptions or relating to the general perceptions that have always existed since the early days of hip hop. Amongs the panel of experts included Professors and Professionals in Journalism, Academics, Computer Science visionary and International Artists or Hip Hop activists including QuestLove, QTip, Estelle as well as prominent figures such as KRS1, Rev Jesse Jackson, Advocate Michael Dyson and Dream Hampton. Wow what a great way to gather great minds check it out if you part of our socials @paytcommunity its one of our prime viewings....#Googlehangout

Can we deny the fostering of misplaced values by the surge of commercial hip hop which promotes craz materialism and degradation of women. 'Base.. how low can you go" 'Base... how low can you go'by Michael Dyson arguing for Hip Hop. (what a way 2 debate,,but our general consensus was THAT the debate as informative and entertaining as it may be could have been much more broader outside American context,,cause as South African Hip hop journo who raised the question on which society are WE talking about??...#luvIt @BigUps)

'Hip hop is a culture of resistance, exposing contradictions and emmenating from a place of darkness in someway and as a result rebels from the opressive state of reality as a form of expression. It has the ability to liberate and enhance a society."

Whats interesting to observe is how has this culture transcended to language and freedom of expression. This has definitely sprung alive in African particularly as the hip hop culture has grown and embraced the linguistic element which has breathed a whole new life into this dynamic culture.
 A critical element to Hip hop is knowledge and as a robust culture let us be reminded that this is a culture that filters in visual art, language, dance and 
street fashion amongst many elements that makes it robust and a bigger vehicle than we conceive. {Formulation and creation of knowledge, liberating young 
kids minds for almost 4 decades @hiphop}

(((Hip hop has existed for merely 4 decades)), it comes as a great pleasure to usher in a brand new perspective in African context, that embraces cultural exchange. #PAYT introduces a Motswako brand that is about to take on a whole 
new wave of excitement. A paradigm shift which is commodifying art and 
embracing the concept of free Art. CC.Cruz Control produced by MM3rd is 

There I leaked it right b4 Midnight download official opening!!!

Love 2 be part of #paytcommunity

As a street cred thing Hip hop is OG. Its as real as it gets and Motswako as its foundation has a far reaching appeal that will resonate with most jammers anywhere around the world. The album is produced by a mastermind in music and digital era style, the brilliance of how this project was done considering that it is a CC second to the 1st.

Motswako Culture

[Originates from a place called Mahikeng South Africa and in direct translation means  "mixture'] and meet everyone who formed part of this epic Album hosted by #Apu!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Word is Bond!!

What creates that illusive sale;; what is most trustworthy than a word you heard recently and most convinced that it was in fact truth to your ears. It is the very thing that creates a societal cliche in saying "rumour says'//'heard it through the grapevine' or 'he says she says'...which all works out to reason as truth'

As human beings we are easily convinced; and that's because for as long as you can conceive it in your mind, what is being said, the thought of it being true even without logic, is enough to set a house on fire #ill imagination.

"the power of words is amazing'

In that sums up what happens to be always trending, is that entrepreneurial spirit that's founded on 'word of mouth' marketing. You don't really need the super billboards to get your niche. Define who you are and what you about and set it off by delivering on your service or product exceeding expectations and leaving a trail of 'word Of Mouth' advocates behind you...

When other people do the selling for you is the ultimate sales pitch and a win formula.

South Africa ounce leading brand Loxion Kulca started out as a cool hobby that turned into one of the biggest brands to hit the streets in late 90s. And what was very clear then and still is today is there is no better hustle than a good referral  because 3/5 times it means a new loyal follower totally #twitter-style and a whole lot of excess benefits.

Word is Bound Turn your fav hobby into mega bucks by starting small #building blocks!!/./

If you gona say it make sure its worth a listen!!#What-You-say??

Monday, 15 October 2012

OCTOBER15: The Start of the Mahikeng Siege #africanstudies

Once known as a “living museum’ portraying traditional African Villages and Culture

Credo Mutwa's Cultural Village
The larger cemetery of the MemorialBurial site of casualties of the Mahikeng Siege, is at the entrance to Credo Mutwa's Cultural Village,at Lotlamoreng Dam - a living museum portraying traditional African villages and cultures.
Credo Mutwa 
This place was a devine haven for Artists who used to work from here and many traditional artworks and sculptures were prepared here for tourists from Lotlamoreng Dam. Credo Mutwa, who has since moved in the 90s, is an artist, sculptor, author and prophet of international renown. Many of his prophecies regarding events in South Africa have proved to be uncannily accurate.
The inside of a recreational area@Credo MutwaVillage in Mahikeng South Africa
The 15 October 1899 Mahikeng Siege

These pictures were taken in 2009 and the place has since been neglected even though at some point was under the care of the North West Parks & Tourism Board. Lotlamoreng as a heritage site has been given back to the Tribal Authority the Barolong-Ba-Ratshidi who are the original custodians of this landmark, PAYT hopes to add value towards the restoration of Lotlamoreng in honor of the people of the Barolong and their Ancestors.#African Studies. As today marks the start to the Mahikeng Siege which has happened more than once in this historic town of Mahikeng. There are alot of disputes as to which dates marks the beginning ,lets just say like any other incident in life..always depends on who's telling the Story...

Mahikeng is the Capital City of the North West Province in South Africa and is known as the gateway to Africa, as it played a role for the political landscape of South Africa and Botswana. It has served as Capital City to three separate Countries under three different unique circumstances...follow our discovery and revelations of Mahikeng "a place amongst rocks' in direct translation from its Setswana meaning.