Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Modern Slavry v/s Ancient Slavery

The concept of slavery is one that has existed for centuries, early known ancient slavery was first document in the early 1900. The notion that mankind can have in spirit, the ability to act in an inhumane manner that seeks to dominate and enslave others for social benefits is a devastating past and reality.

 When looking into the history of slavery and linking it all the way to Modern day slavery (the economic hit man), the common thread is the idea of scarcity instead of abundance. Its an illusion that creates debt and forces individuals into servitude - ultimately becoming an accepted livelihood.

In African terms slavery has always been a constant factor, stemmed from tribal battles to colonialism and now globalization. The most significant difference between modern day slavery and Ancient slavery, is that modern day slavery remains to be concealed by a false sense of reality. Words or phrases associated with the maintenance of the status quot of a capitalist ideal: "unemployment, consumer, credit rating etc etc all create scarcity. But perhaps the biggest "crack" to modern day slavery, is the need to belong and need for class - People must be boxed to fit in a society. So for you to belong means you must "make-a-respectable" living....meaning get a job, mortgage & excessive debt that you spend your entire life trapped in trying to pay it off and hence associating a Job with security.

The day that most people realize that they are victims to a very sinister idealism that is doomed for a disaster, is maybe long overdue, and that your biggest asset in life is your time, without a doubt. Spend it wisely. Join PAYT and free yourself from constraits by entering a world of Discovery...

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