Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Word is Bond!!

What creates that illusive sale;; what is most trustworthy than a word you heard recently and most convinced that it was in fact truth to your ears. It is the very thing that creates a societal cliche in saying "rumour says'//'heard it through the grapevine' or 'he says she says'...which all works out to reason as truth'

As human beings we are easily convinced; and that's because for as long as you can conceive it in your mind, what is being said, the thought of it being true even without logic, is enough to set a house on fire #ill imagination.

"the power of words is amazing'

In that sums up what happens to be always trending, is that entrepreneurial spirit that's founded on 'word of mouth' marketing. You don't really need the super billboards to get your niche. Define who you are and what you about and set it off by delivering on your service or product exceeding expectations and leaving a trail of 'word Of Mouth' advocates behind you...

When other people do the selling for you is the ultimate sales pitch and a win formula.

South Africa ounce leading brand Loxion Kulca started out as a cool hobby that turned into one of the biggest brands to hit the streets in late 90s. And what was very clear then and still is today is there is no better hustle than a good referral  because 3/5 times it means a new loyal follower totally #twitter-style and a whole lot of excess benefits.

Word is Bound Turn your fav hobby into mega bucks by starting small #building blocks!!/./

If you gona say it make sure its worth a listen!!#What-You-say??

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