Monday, 20 August 2012

PAYT ADVENTURE: Naughty West Style!

The Sun City 400 a huge attraction for adventure sport enthusiasts!!

The Platinum Off-road calendar has become a hit annual program in the North West Province of South Africa which makes the most of the flat land and dessert-like features of the Platinum Province, besides the great weather. The off-road culture in South Africa is currently trending as a growing niche market that plays on the need to balance life with a bit of adventure and adrenalin rush that is synonymous with an “I’m alive’ mindset.
PAYT is 100% behind the culture of Off-road racing and any form of Adventure sport which range from biking all the way to Paragliding or Sky diving, all happen to be some of the coolest things you can get up to in the Naughty West as its affectionately known by its young people.

What do we love about the Sun City 400??

-      1.)     It’s a FREE GIG, we all love freebies

     2.)  A range of racing cars on display – some of the most amazing remodelled off road vehicles that you’ve ever seen!!

       3.)   A lot of the competitors and supporters slept at the Pilanesburg Tent Camp site that embraced the whole Bushveld lifestyle that makes Africa what it is!!

#BigUps to all the sponsors and supporters of this great initiative, which has developed into a great branding initiative for the Naughty West and Brand South Africa. 

Next one PAYT is checking out is coming to the Capital City Mahikeng, on 3 November find out how you can join us for a PAYT group experience email

PAYT can assist you in organizing a group experience if its you and at least two other individuals. Our Tours are packaged with local flavour be it Chef, Storytellers, MCs or DJ and includes two options of accomodation and transport.

Proceeds go to PAYT Trust as a Public Charitable Trust that invests in the education and industrial development of young people in South Africa and is also linked up to International organizations to leverage our Program impact for our members!! Visit for more information or email us to request to become a member

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