Friday, 15 June 2012

Trail of Thought

Posting thrills - PAYT  celebrates the guerilla art movement, where Art is becoming a political statement>>thanx to the Spear, everyone is forced to take a point of view on freedom of expression. Whether we agree or disagree with the Spear as an authentic artistic expression that deserves a platform, its irrelevant.The movement in itself is a strength and symbol of courage to voice issues through art. It is a passion that connects or links us to the core - 'Gaabomotho'; measured as creative input that brings issues of culture to the fore, demanding a retrospect that elevates what we see in who we are.

What sense of preservation of culture are we most inclined to in defining who we are as South African or Africans in general.How do we focus on self preservation through our customs and rich heritage.

Authenticity is a virtue

Enjoying the finer things in life goes way beyond caviar and champagne - dont get it twisted quality has everything to do with it. Living fine is about paying attention to or appreciating detail. #China City v/s home knitwear. Reasoning with yourself everyday about your actions in everything consumed is a sure start, but following it up with the right amount of recause is what determines the winners from loosers. It begins with You!!! Over and over you can start saying "it starts with me, let me be the change i want 2 see!!"

Street Cred ^^Stay Cultured

Without street cred your word of mouth is catch a hint and work on U!PAYT shines a spotlight on a feature by Snap App Ipad Magazine that themed their edition "Make Beautiful" //what a great spin off to focus on a concept so familiar and yet easily accessible!!

Here is what came from a San Francisco Photographer Travis Jenson on how to kill a photo shoot on the streets:

1. Try not to get caught up in perfection (it helps to try loosen up//and that is where true style comes from)
2. Embrace Wabi Sabi - being sneaky leads to trouble. (if its not good enough you are probably not close enough>>ask for permission befor taking pic or take a pic to seize the moment and then ask later.)

3. The key to good photography is good light

4. Don't be afraid to approach people

5. Study the work of others - real good trade!!

Street Art is one of our favourite reminders that beauty can be anywhere. Its about bringing life to an otherwise sterile spot, its turning the environment into a canvas. This wonderful organic art-form is a symbol of empowerment, creativity, resistance and enduring strength.

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