Wednesday, 27 March 2013

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 EBooks: Future Perspectives!!

The digital era has phased in and phased out a lot of applications that have changed the way the world spins, to the point that every single gadget freak can’t keep up with what the latest technology has to offer in either simplifying things or improving connectivity. The Publishing business is also being plagued by the rise of the sharing economy and digital platforms that are seeing more and more ebook reader devices taking the market by storm.


On the 29th March 2013, PAYT’s first published eBook “Kattey’s Arrow:’Cruel Journey to her Destiny by Kentse Badirwang will be launched and available for the world to share in the epic life of a young author from South Africa who has beaten the odds and lived to tell her story of hope.


The eBook is supported by a 3 tier movement of organizations including that of PAYT, Sedikwa Movement and the South African Police Service as a corrective measure that seeks to combat the scourge of violence against women and children in our communities. Kentse Badirwang through her debut book has been chosen to be the face of the Non Violence campaign which will be taken to schools and various stakeholders in the North West Province of South Africa.


As a youth development program PAYT plans to roll out a Digital Logic Program that has been established by pioneering individuals who are championing the use of digital devices and applications to make learning much easier and pleasant for learners and people in rural areas. Kattey’s Arrow will form part of a pilot project to introduce e-book reader devices in schools which will not only improve the access to information and literacy but will also eliminate the cost of books or education as a whole.


Kattey’s Arrow will be available for purchase on, or .

Smashwords is the world’s leading ebook publishing and distribution

platform for indie ebook authors and publishers and has

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Kentse Badirwang's debut eBook Preview Launch of "Kattey's Arrow: Cruel Journey to her Destiny" will take place at the Mahikeng Protea Hotel where a select few of stakeholders, Author's peers and industry players. PAYT will host satelite ebook launch sessions in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya.



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