Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I knew i was Different but not less!!

The launch of “Kattey’s Arrow: Cruel Journey to her Destiny’

A coming of age story based on the life experience of a talented rising South African Author Kentse Badirwang, to be launched on 29 March 2013; the story is about as real as it gets when it comes to a graphic narrative or scope into life growing up in ‘Black Africa’. The book redefines active citizenship and demonstrates that each and every one of us was created for a Devine purpose in this world and no matter how tragic the circumstances, it is our duty to discover the reasons for our existence.

After experiencing some of the worst things a girl child can encounter including multiple rape, depression, neglect and low self esteem, her spirit relentlessly fought to keep searching for her truth. In her own words through interviews that capture her pre-launch moments ‘The Arrow that I was born with to guide me through the journey to my destiny, led and guided me out of situations good and bad; its golden sharp end served as a light in my darkest moments telling me that i was different but not less’
‘After 37 years following the Arrow, it finally led me to my destiny Dikgabo Village, a place of remarkable creatures.  Just like Tajewo left home with his brother’s Arrow from the village to become a warrior. My arrow is my Spirit.’

The book will be published as part of Lerato Mosimane’s ebook Collections going live on the launch date alongside the epic children’s Poetry book Pyramid by Keaoboka OO-Ra Molomo. What stands out the most as a key feature at PAYT is the cultural exchange element of ‘Kattey’s Arrow’, which makes reference to Tajewo, a book about a Maasai boy who wants to become a warrior by preparing to go through the cultural initiation. According to the book Tajewo, in Maasai culture when boys are 14/15, they become Initiates – that is they start to learn about becoming a warrior and a man. They have to harden themselves against the fear of danger. They go off into the bush for long periods where certain elders and warriors teach them the arts of warfare, of cattle raiding or lion-hunting. Courage is required of them, but also courtesy, generosity, respect for elders of the tribe and compassion for all who are weaker than themselves. Tajewo is a book by Cicely Luck and is recommended to young people in identifying cultural practices that give new meaning to humanitarian.

Kattey’s Arrow will be a main feature at PAYT’s Back2school campaigns @AP Camp starting in February ahead of the launch event taking place in March and themed Maasai. The coming of age cover for the launch symbolizes growth and a unique perspective of how one can overcome their fears or challenges and embody a renewed all empowered being; ready to take on the world.

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  1. This is a must get book, a journey of an african black lady epic!