Sunday, 19 May 2013

Towards a Knowledge Society: shared knowledge can unite communities!

018 Golf is a Non Violence project that seeks to raise awareness and advocate for Non Violence through a Violence Intervention Program (VIP), that is being administered by a Public Charitable Trust called PAYT Trust.

To remain human and live-able  knowledge societies will have to be societies of shared knowledge. Building knowledge societies is directly linked to technology and education; this is the views of Mahikeng’s Social Entrepreneur and Founder of PAYT Trust Lerato Mosimane who is upbeat about the upcoming 018 Golf Campaign taking place during Child Protection Week.
PAYT Trust serves to empower young people through an educational and industrial development program that ranges from vocational training, advocacy, career guidance, edu-tours and digital publishing of African content, amongst many initiatives. 018 Golf is a fund raising benefit that will assist in creating seed funds for research, studies and educational material that address violence related issues. The non violence campaign through its VIP will channel information and empower victims of violence towards breaking the cycle. 018 Golf is about a culture of consciousness and recourse by promoting sport, recreational and alternative lifestyle orientation that are aligned with optimizing wellness.

If a culture of sharing can enable a culture of learning, a culture of peace is easily attainable and new possibilities of an advanced and well off society can be projected as well as achieved.”            Lerato Mosimane

018 Golf will kick-starts at Leopard Park Golf Club on 24 May with a Golf Clinic, followed by a Self Defense seminar taking place on Africa Day 25th May and the campaign ends with a Golf Challenge on 31st May.

As a program that advances education and directs young people towards various opportunities, PAYT 
Trust has adopted a policy for open schools and virtual universities or higher learning programs that represent new institutional models. Knowledge is a common good – and ICT supported education can and must contribute to making knowledge more freely available to more people particularly in rural communities.

PAYT Trust is constructing an open dialogue through projects such as 018 Golf,  that serve to leverage on modern day applications that assist to inform and model the ideal through discovery. It is through discovery particularly self discovery that people are able to achieve great things including conquering fears. The social capital of this generation and the next lies in knowledge and the success of any society lies in harnessing that knowledge.

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