Sunday, 18 December 2011

Re-invent Africa:( A Sore sight with a cry 4 Chage!!

Making Bold Moves-
rewrite African History!!
The future of Africa is stashed in a dark closet, a some sort of Pandora's Box with twisted tales with schemes fit only for dirty politics and a global iimperialist agenda.In the mean time Africans aka.. common decent people are distracted from the real issues and consumed by euro centric modern day materialistic ideals, that fulfils an instant gratification removed from the responsibility for the cause and effect on the environment. 

African beliefs and traditions are founded on nature based customs and practises in sync with both the environment and the animals or other earth's creatures. The so rich yet so poor paradox of Africa rests on the double blow of #1. a history of bad leadership and #2. Africa's place in the old and new economic order. African governments should stop perpetuating welfare states, with vanity projects passed off as development or humanitarian, when in fact transnational corporations are given Cart Blanche to expand on their business interests.

The time for the reinvention of Africa is now....Africa for the Africans!

'A free and independent state in Africa. We want to be able to govern ourselves in this country of ours without outside interference" - Kwame Nkrumah

Now we have to ask ourselves "What does it mean to be African?", in the global context we can say you don't have to be an Indian or in India to be a Yogi. Yoga is a spiritual connection and practise that is embraced all over the world. It is India's gift to the world....the same goes with Africa. To possess a truly African spirit is a connection that can be explored by any human being with a shared interest.

Let us take stock of our common cultural knowledge!

Stay Tuned:) #Green-effect>> Catch PAYT 2012 Blog webcam updates as we follow a young couple in Mahikeng; NW South Africa,  attempt to get off the grid and create a Prefab compound in a Village, with limited access to electricity and water supply.

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